About Me

I’m Ashram, a 24 year old who lives in Boston. I am a slow living blogger, student, infant teacher and a self-taught social media strategist. I’m passionate about wellness and self improvement. My goal with this blog is to provide the resources that I’ve learned to live a more fulfilling life. After searching for ways to find a bit of calm within my hectic schedule, I was introduced to the idea of slow living. Slow Living is a lifestyle that focuses on being conscious of everything around you and savoring it. It’s taking the time to be present and doing activities as well as possible. It’s about rejecting the fast life that the world endorses; fast food, fast money, fast fashion and taking a slower approach. It’s about living life at a more organic and relaxed pace. It’s about focusing on your wellbeing to make life less stressful. I created The Ash Log to share this process that I’m using to live a happier and intentional life

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