The connection between Simple Living and Wellness

I mentioned before on the blog that simple living is closely connected to wellness. I believe that if we want to make wellness a priority, we’ve gotta simplify. We live in a world that’s constantly moving. Fast trends, fast food, faster technology. Everyone’s rushing off somewhere, crossing off their rover do lists and racing off to the next task.

How can wellness fit into this lifestyle? It doesn’t. If we don’t give ourselves time to slow down, our physical and mental health becomes at stake.

I struggle with anxiety, and while it’s manageable, some days are worse than others. There are days where I feel crippled and overwhelmed by a situation. And there are times that I feel drained from social gatherings. When that does happen, I have to teach myself the art of solitude and rest.

It can be hard to do this. People won’t understand why you don’t wan’t to go out as often. They’re trying to keep up appearances on social media. Your job won’t understand why you need to take off a mental health day. They have a business to run.

There’s also this idea that goals don’t become a reality unless we’re constantly at work. Too busy is not healthy.

Living simply is where I find wellness. It’s where I find contentment and tranquility. It allows me to savor experiences and enjoy living.

Find wellness in Simple Living by:

  • Spending less time online, and more time outdoors
  • Spending less time with TV, and more time reading
  • Spending less time rushing, and more time breathing
  • Spending less time in crowds, and more time alone
  • Spending less time shopping, and more time decluttering
  • Spending less time worrying about the future, and more time living in the present
  • Spending less time holding on to negative beliefs, and more time in gratitude

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