Steps you can take to live a more simple life

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As we approach spring (and spring cleaning), I’ve been thinking about steps that I could take to be more free of clutter, and live a simple life. Is it just me or do you ever feel liberated after tidying up your place? I love walking into a freshly cleaned room. It feels like taking a breath of fresh air.

This is why Spring is one of my favorite seasons. It’s a period of renewal, freshness, and growth. An opportunity to declutter from all the things you’ve accumulated over the past year. To start over again.

So I came up with 5 steps you can take to live a more simple life..

1. Empty out your closet

Over the past year, I’ve accumulated many items of clothing that i never ended up wearing. I’ll be honest, some were due to weight gain, but most were items i came across and bought on impulses. I have many items with the tags still attached.

If that’s you, I encourage you to look through your closet and find any piece of clothing or accessories you’re sure you won’t use. There’s bound to be a few.

The hardest part is letting them go. After all.. hoarding is a real thing. But if you think about it, someone out there needs that piece of clothing more than you do. And they will put it to use. It’s surely worth giving it away.

2. Spend time in Nature

Nature is a wonderful way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. Spend time connecting with nature. Take a walk at your local park, go camping, do a nature retreat, spend time at the beach.

Allow your time outdoors to give you a restful mind. Bring a journal and write down what inspires you.

3. Self Sufficiency

Living simpler is being self sufficient. It means kicking consumerism out the door. That alone can save you LOTS of money.

You can be self sufficient by buying needs over wants, cooking from scratch instead of packaged food, and takeout, cutting your own hair, washing your car, and ditching cable altogether. Can you imagine how much money you would save by implementing these? Over time, that cable cash would allow you many vacations.

4. Social Media Breaks

I have stated before that if it wasn’t for my blog, I would not be on any social networks. I hate feeling like i’m missing out on things if i’m not updated with people’s whereabouts. I know that there are many good things that’s come out of social networks. But it can also be a mood killer. Many times I’ve found myself feeling inadequate by comparing my life to others. So although I can’t quit cold turkey, I’ve started taking social media breaks. The longest I’ve done was a month. I needed to focus on improving my mental health and be the best version of me. I urge you to do the same if social media’s an issue for you.

5. Live life to the fullest

Living simply doesn’t just mean removing things out of your life but also adding things that make you happy. Things of substance. That could mean quitting your day job for your dream job. Letting the person you like know that you’re interested in them. Moving across country and leaving what’s comfortable behind.

Start taking the time to enjoy the mundane tasks that you do everyday. Start rewarding yourself after completing your to do list. That way, you’ll give yourself something to look forward to. Create a self care plan, and prioritize yourself.

I hope that this post was helpful to you in some ways. If you enjoyed it, please take the time to share, comment or subscribe. Thank you!

How to live a simple life

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