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CBJ business jet debuts at Airshow China

COMAC holds symposium on commercial operation and cooperation mode innovation of domestic business jet

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2020-09-30   Source:News Center of COMAC
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AThe opening ceremony of the 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition was held in Zhuhai on September 28th, 2021. The first business jet, CBJ, of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) was unveiled at the airshow and conducted an aerobatic flight and ground exhibition. Mr. Wu Yongliang, Member of Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of COMAC, Mr. Zhai Zhigang, Chairman of One Two Three Airlines (OTT Airlines), Mr. Sun Yongan, Co-president of Beijing TOJOY Shared Aviation Services and Consulting Group, Mr. Ji Xingzhuo, Chairman of Future Air Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Bokai, President of Business Aviation Asia Limited (BAA), Mr. Ji Guang, President of Global Wings Aviation Group, Mr. Lin Peiqun, Chairman of Guangdong Yitong Business Aviation Development Co., Ltd. of Guangdong Airport Authority, and Mr. Zhou Wei, Sales & Marketing Director of Shanghai Deer Jet Co., Ltd., unveiled CBJ business jet together. Subsequently, Mr. Wu Yongliang attended the symposium on commercial operation and cooperation mode innovation of domestic business jet.

Mr. Wu Yongliang expressed that, in order to continually enrich the product family, improve the product value and meet diversified customer needs, COMAC had started the research and development of CBJ business jet in early 2015, began modification in 2017, and completed TC design change and certification in March this year. CBJ business jet is a derivative of ARJ21 aircraft, which is defined as a medium-range large modified business jet dedicated for business flights such as for business trips, administrative matters and foreign affairs, and has excellent performance in plateau and high temperature conditions and obstacle clearance capability in complex routes.

The CBJ business jet presented at this airshow is painted with a unique mica paint, and the matching of dark blue and gold gives an impression of calmness and grandeur. The cabin adopts a more comfortable and intelligent design, has a total of 13 seats, includes rest areas, reception areas, conference areas and dining areas, and has a spacious cabin space and advanced entertainment interactive system.

Mr. Wu Yongliang emphasized that COMAC had always insisted on the principles of taking market demand as the orientation, being customer centered, and creating value for customers. Facing the broad business jet transport market in the future, COMAC would work with its customers and partners to explore innovation in the commercial operation and cooperation mode of CBJ business jet, uphold the principles of opening-up cooperation and mutual benefit to bring more business opportunities for the customers and partners, and inject new vitality to global business jet market.

Leaders of the Marketing Committee of COMAC and representatives from some airlines attended the unveiling ceremony and the symposium.

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