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COMAC Customer Service Training Base officially opened in Jiaxing

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2019-12-31   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Opening ceremony of COMAC Customer Service Training Base was held in Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang on December 29th, 2020. Mr. He Dongfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC), and Mr. Zhang Bing, Secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, attended the ceremony and unveiled COMAC Customer Service Training Base. Mr. Tan Wangeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of COMAC, presided over the ceremony. Mr. Zhao Jiufang, Supervisory Attache of National Supervisory Commission in COMAC, Member of Standing Committee of the Party Committee of COMAC, and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of COMAC, and Mr. Jiang Haiyang, Deputy Mayor of Jiaxing, unveiled Jiaxing Campus of COMAC University. Mr. Yu Weijiao, Chairman of YTO Express Group Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony.

Mr. He Dongfeng expressed sincere gratitude to the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and Jiaxing Municipal Government as well as the CPC Xiuzhou District Committee and Xiuzhou District Government for their concern and support, and to the builders of the customer service training base for their struggles and efforts. He pointed out that the entry into service of COMAC Customer Service Training Base had marked a solid step for COMAC to serve the national strategy of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region and implement the industrial layout of "developing in Shanghai, extending to the Yangtze River Delta, radiating throughout China and facing to the whole world", and also marked a brand new page for COMAC to implement the concept of "being customer centered", provide market-oriented customer training services for customers, and further expand and strengthen the layout of aircraft customer service industry. The official opening of Jiaxing Campus of COMAC University had further expanded the company's education and training functional layout of "one main body with multiple wings", with Jiaxing campus as the main body and assisted by Minhang, Zhuqiao and Zhangjiang campuses, which had a great significance to the implementation of the strategy of thriving the company by talents and the acceleration of the cultivation of aviation talents in the Yangtze River Delta region. COMAC would continue to improve the product family, enrich the product echelon, promote the development of industrial scale and enhance the capacity for independent innovation. He firmly believed that with the strong support and cooperation of governments at all levels and relevant units of Zhejiang and Jiaxing, and giving full play to the advantages of Jiaxing in location, industry, system and market, it would be able to create a model of central and local integrated development and industrial chain cooperative development, and promote the better and faster development of the trunk liner career.

Mr. Zhang Bing, on behalf of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and Jiaxing Municipal Government, expressed warm congratulations on the official opening of the base and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Jiaxing. He expressed that COMAC had been a core and backbone enterprise in civil aircraft industry of China, and had been vigorously carrying forward the enterprising spirits of struggling hard, tackling key problems, enduring hardship and devoting for a long term. COMAC had overcome many technical difficulties and made a series of important achievements, which was quite admirable. The COMAC Customer Service Training Base opened this time would be used not only for carrying out business training, but also for carrying out talent cultivation. It could meet the needs of multiple models for delivery training and recurrent training, and would provide a solid talent support for the Chinese trunk liner to fly in the blue sky. Jiaxing would provide first-class service and environment for project operation and Phase II construction to fully support the continuous development of national civil aircraft industry. He sincerely hoped for and invited COMAC to pay more attention to Jiaxing, lay out in Jiaxing and integrate into Jiaxing, in order to jointly promote and add wings to the socialist modernization and continually make new and greater contributions.

Principals of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd. (SACSC) introduced the general situation and planning of COMAC Customer Service Training Base, and principals of COMAC University introduced the business development of COMAC University and the functional positioning of Jiaxing Campus.

COMAC Customer Service Training Base is an extension carrier of SACSC for the customer training business, is one of the most important carriers for COMAC to implement the customer concept of "being customer centered", and is also a talent pool of COMAC, which will become the main base for internal talent cultivation. In the future, it will undertake the flight training, cabin crew training, maintenance training, dispatch training and other training services of China-made commercial aircraft to meet the needs of ARJ21, C919, CR929 and other models for delivery training and recurrent training; and at the same time, it will be used for the training of the cadres and employees of the company.

The training base (Phase I) is located in Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing, covering an area of 149 mu with a total construction area of 43,500 square meters. It has teaching complex buildings, trainee apartments, trainee canteens, sport stadiums and gyms, etc. At present, the training base has the capacity of providing theoretical training and relevant support for 500 people at a time.

Principals of Jiaxing, Xiuzhou District, relevant departments of COMAC headquarters and its subsidiary units attended the ceremony. (Editor: Hua Yingyi, Photographers: Wang Jiliang and SACSC)


Mr. He Dongfeng (L1) and Mr. Zhang Bing (R1) unveiled COMAC Customer Service Training Base on December 29th, 2020.  

Mr. Tan Wangeng presided over the ceremony on December 29th, 2020.  

Mr. Zhao Jiufang (L1) and Mr. Jiang Haiyang (R1) unveiled Jiaxing Campus of COMAC University on December 29th, 2020.  

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