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COMAC holds COMAC Supplier Work Promotion Conference 2020

To establish a common goal, ensure quality and safety´╝îand build trunk liner life community into model of international cooperation

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2019-10-23   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) held a COMAC Supplier Work Promotion Conference 2020 at 9:00 p.m. on October 22nd, 2020. More than 700 supplier representatives from nearly 100 aviation enterprises around the world communicated their annual work with more than 100 representatives of domestic suppliers and foreign suppliers in China through video connections at the headquarters of COMAC, to discuss the challenges of the epidemic of COVID-19, ensure that the 2020 targets and tasks are completed as planned, and plan the key tasks for 2021. Mr. Tan Wangeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of COMAC, and Mr. Zhou Xinmin and Mr. Wei Yingbiao, Members of Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice Presidents of COMAC, attended the conference.

At the conference, relevant departments and teams of COMAC respectively notified the market development of COMAC, the development progress and follow-up plans of C919 program and ARJ21 program, the status about batch production and operation support, and the quality performance of suppliers, and put forward relevant requirements on suppliers for purchase & supply chain management and quality airworthiness control.

Mr. Zhou Xinmin made a closing speech at the conference on behalf of COMAC to express gratitude to all the domestic and foreign suppliers for their long-term trust and support to COMAC, and emphasized that "international cooperation is a long-term choice of COMAC, which will not change due to the epidemic or the environment". Mr. Zhou Xinmin pointed out that in the face of the development trend of the aviation industry under the influence of the epidemic, and in the face of market changes where "crisis" and "opportunities" coexist, COMAC would always adhere to the mission of building a main manufacturer-supplier "life community", persist in focusing on the common interests of all parties, and work together with all suppliers to strengthen confidence, face up to challenges, realize a win-win cooperation, strive to build the trunk liner life community into a model of international cooperation, and share the bright future of the trunk liner career of China.

Mr. Zhou Xinmin also emphasized that at present, COMAC was making continual improvement for ARJ21 aircraft to achieve commercial success, was fighting day and night for C919 aircraft to achieve certification and delivery, and was working hard for CR929 aircraft to complete the preliminary design. "The harder the time is, the more we need to work together to meet challenges and overcome difficulties together." As for the next phase of work, Mr. Zhou Xinmin put forward four suggestions: The first was to establish a common goal, make the "life community" be deeply rooted, and achieve business success in the long-term cooperation of "living together in hormony". The second was to ensure quality and safety, make the "life community" strong and firm, and achieve business success in the diligent pursuit of "seeking constant perfection". All parties should adhere to the quality awareness of "flying without any safety hazard" and the occupational attitude of "respecting for life, respecting for regulations, and respecting for duties" to treat every quality detail and provide customers with high-quality products. The third was to enhance the competitiveness of products, make the "life community" sufficiently nourished, and achieve business success in the common pursuit of "achieving common interests". All parties should continuously improve the product reliability and the delivery stability, and continuously strengthen operation support and cost control, thereby increasing the profit of the entire value chain. The fourth is to innovate cooperation methods, make the "life community" flourish, and achieve business success through the release of the dividend of "deepening cooperation". All parties should continuously expand the scale and strength of the on-site teams in China, and improve the ability to deal with on-site problems; and should continuously optimize the production cycle according to the lean concept to ensure the on-time delivery of products.

As an important part of the conference, Mr. Tan Wangeng, Mr. Zhou Xinmin and Mr. Wei Yingbiao presented awards to the Performance Excellent Suppliers in 2019. Among which, Eaton-SAMC, Rockwell Collins (Avionics), and Mankiewicz won 2019 Supplier of the Year Performance Excellence Silver Award; Avic Aircraft Co., Ltd., SAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., AVIC CAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd, and Honeywell Aerospace (Flight Control) won 2019 Supplier of the Year Performance Excellence Bronze Award; Hubei HangYu Jiatai Aircraft Equipment Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Hangda Areo Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. won 2019 Supplier of the Year Performance Excellence Struggle Award; AVIC Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Group Corporation Limited, and CFM International won Excellent On-site Support Award; Meggitt won Excellent Quality Award; AVIC Research Institute for Special Structures of Aeronautical Composites, Aerospace Haiying (Zhenjiang) Special Materials Co., Ltd., and Liebherr (Environment Control) won On-time Delivery Award; and General Electric Company (GE) won Excellent Customer Service Award. Mr. Tang Jianzhong, a supplier representative from AVIC CAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd, won Outstanding Individual Contribution Award for the trunk liner career.

Representatives of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and related sectors, representatives of domestic and foreign suppliers, COMAC operation directors and specialty chief officers, and leaders of all the departments and units of COMAC attended the conference. (Editor: Zhou Senhao, Photographer: Wang Jiliang)


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