Natural Ways To Keep Your Skin Beautiful All Year

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Having clear skin all year long may sound like an impossible thing to do, but there are a few steps that you can take to make this work. I’ve struggled with acne for awhile and have tried endless products to treat it. Most of them didn’t work and more often than not left my skin in a worse state. I became obsessed with finding a solution for clear skin and after my research, I’ve found that it really didn’t take piling tons of products on my face to get it. I’ve assembled a list of things I do to keep my skin beautiful all year.

Never skip your skincare routine

I can’t stress how important this is but you should NEVER skip your skincare routine. Anytime I’ve done this, I noticed a pimple within the next day or so. When you wake up, wash your face because it’s been in the pillow for hours which has hair and oil buildup. Before sleep, absolutely wash your face, especially if you were wearing makeup and been out all day!! Imagine the amount of dirt and oil buildup that’s accumulated while you’ve been out.

Invest in quality products

Too many times, I’ve made the mistake of purchasing the same products everyone does for acne. Neutrogena and Clean and Clear is not for everyone. I’ve found them to be pretty harsh on the skin and my face feels so stripped after use. Invest in a quality product that’s gentle and is for your skin type. If you want to know what products I regularly use on my face, check out my winter skin care essentials.

Wear makeup every other day

Now I know this isn’t ideal for everyone but if you can..try to wear makeup every other day. Let your skin breathe on its own. I realize that makeup is fun and makes many people feel their best but it’s important to realize that you’re adding a considerable amount of chemicals on your skin everyday!! Going without makeup once in awhile will do wonders for your skin. After my acne started getting better, I started to put this into practice and noticed that my skin felt bouncier and had more of a glow to it.

Having a separate towel to dry your face

The towel you use on your body should not be the same towel you use on your face. The bacteria and oils from your body is getting transferred to your face. If you’re acne prone, that’s the last thing you want to do. Use a separate towel for your face.

Putting your phone on speaker

I refuse to put a phone against my face when I get a call. Believe it or not, your phone screen is as dirty as your toilet. It is ridden with bacteria and you might as well be putting dirty hands against your face. The best thing you can do to keep bacteria and dirt away from your face is to use your speakers or earphones.

Cut down artificial sugar and substitute for natural

Sugar doesn’t necessarily cause acne but foods that are high in sugar can shoot up your body’s insulin levels leading to inflammation and contributing to the start of acne. This of course means that you should absolutely cut down on the cakes and donuts. I personally don’t believe in diets because it sounds like a punishment.

What I do believe in is finding balance and creating healthier habits. It’s not ideal to stuff your face with cookies everyday, even if you might like to. But if you have a high sugar craving, don’t punish yourself. Substitute it for something healthy, like a nice bowl of pineapple chunks.

Keep your hair out of your face

Keep hair away from your face as much as possible to prevent product buildups and the oils from your hair from getting in your pores. I used to get so many breakouts on my forehead when I had bangs. After I grew them out, I started to keep my hair in a ponytail as much as possible, and what a difference! I rarely had breakouts on my forehead afterwards. If I did, they weren’t in lesions like before. Keeping your hair back is a must!

Clean your makeup brushes as often as you can

Wash your makeup brushes as often as possible. I know many people do so weekly but I would go as often as every other day. There’s so much product and oil buildup within a week that I wouldn’t even take the chance to wait that long if you’re serious about having clear skin.

Eat a daily serving of fruits and vegetables

Adding 10 fruits and vegetables (the recommended daily serving) into your diet will absolutely improve your skin. If you’re not doing this and thinking that just drinking water is all you need to detoxify, you are missing out on so many nutrients! Yes, water is good but fruits and vegetables are a great way to bring high levels of inflammation down!

Drink Detox water

I saved the best for last because yes, water is super crucial to having clear skin. Notice that I also said detox water and not just water. Detox water is water infused with ph balancing vegetables. Cucumber is the best vegetables to infuse it with because it has the same ph level as skin which is 5.5. Watermelon itself is also a great substitute because of its high water content. So drink that detox water honey and clear your skin from the inside out.

Following all these steps can have a large impact on your skin if you choose to be consistent with them. It’s done wonders for my skin and it can be the same for you.

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  • This is a great post. I love the point about keeping your hair out of your face. I have long hair and tie it up before bed and I think it helps keep bacteria away. I also change my pillow case often to avoid more bacteria.

  • I love your advice and have recently started taking cucumber and lemon water in a reusable container each day. While we may not drink enough water, in our family, we try to at least drink one full container of this detox water once a day. If we end up drinking more, the better, but by just making one full one a goal every day, we find ourselves doing better with our water intake. Thanks for sharing some awesome tips.

    • Yes! That’s a great way to get started. I love regular water but detox water is that much more amazing cus not only does it taste better but has more vitamins and nutrients that our body really needs. Thank you for reading 🙂

  • i must admit that i find hard to keep my skin care ruatin. you give some great tips that i didn’t think detoxing water , more fruite and better cleaning my brushes more often. those think i can defiantly do. thank you for those ideas

  • I so agree on the sugar!!! I dealt with skin issues my whole life (it wasn’t awful, but I personally didn’t find it clear enough). When I cut out sugar last year it got soooo much better. Now I only eat sugar when I go out to eat if it’s included in something (I don’t ask).

  • I have a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. Cucumber melon sounds amazing. I’ll have to give it a try. Thank you for the tips. I would add that if you’re over age 30 and struggle with acne, that may be a sign of hormonal imbalance. Too much testosterone (even in women) or estrogen dominance can wreak havoc on your skin. You can take a saliva test at a compounding pharmacy or see your doctor about it and get a blood test.

  • Such a good read! I love the simple tips! My skin is always the worst in the summer which also when im really busy so having a few simple tips can really help me stay on track!