How to live minimally

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The older I get, the more I realize that amassing materialistic things does not make me happy. I’ve come to find that this “high” that we get from shopping impulsively is detrimental to our pockets, and our lives. Once you get into that cycle, it’s hard to break from it. You feel like you’re always in need of more.

Our culture tells us that you need the latest gadget, car, or cosmetics to be living a fulfilling life. It makes us feel like outcasts when we don’t have the means to get what’s trending. We start to feel unfortunate, and even ungrateful despite what we already have. It shouldn’t be like that.

I’ve come to learn that it’s important to express gratitude. If you live in a highly developed country with all your basic needs, you should be grateful. I read a quote that stated

The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.”

What if we woke up with this mindset everyday? Our homes would be less cluttered, and chaotic. We would be unbothered when everyone raves about current fads. Gratitude is the first step to minimal living, but there are also many other things to take into account. Here are 5 things to keep in mind to start living minimally.

How to live minimally

Define what value it brings.

Do you shop a lot because you feel like you need it, or you actually need it. How will what you buy change your life? Will it make it easier? Will it help you? What value does it bring? Do you already have it? And if so why do you need another? Think before you buy.

Buy what’s useful.

The best way to live minimally is to only buy what’s useful. For example, if you have coffee at home, don’t be tempted to buy coffee at a local shop. Don’t buy for convenience, and learn to save. Prioritize needs over wants. Have someone keep you accountable.

Buy quality not quantity.

Many people love shopping at stores like H&M for the sake of getting more for less. Sure, it’s great 3 pair of jeans for the price of one. But when you find them breaking down a few months later, and having to replace them, wouldn’t you had saved money by purchasing one pair of high quality jeans that would last years? Buying quality items saves you money, time, and space.

Choose memories over stuff.

Living minimally can help you see what you should prioritize. Creating memories, and experiences beats buying things that are short lived. Set money aside for what truly matters. Travel and go somewhere new. Experiences are far more valuable than materials.


Lastly, tidy up. Get rid of what you don’t need. Give your home more room to breathe. Donate clothes you don’t wear, even if you think you’ll need it (you won’t). Establish an organization routine. Make your bed, organize your closet, set up a file cabinet, clean out your inbox, delete unnecessary photos, and apps. Once you make it a habit to declutter your surroundings, you will find yourself feeling more peaceful. That is the goal to minimal living.

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How to live minimally

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