Surviving The Winter Blues


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I never experienced the winter blues until I moved to Boston. And let me tell you, it is not a joke. Seasonal depression is a very common mood disorder that affects many people at the same time every year. For me, it is during these cold and bitter grey months. Those months where not seeing the sun for days is a normal occurrence. When getting out of bed in the morning feels harder because it’s so cold and your sheets are so warm.

I’ve tried my best to enjoy winter. There’s so much beauty in watching the snow fall and the holidays that comes with the season. But it gets hard when that’s over. The real winter starts after the holidays. It’s then that I struggle to get on through the day. And I hate having to suspend outdoor activities because of the blistering cold. So how do you beat these winter blues? I wish I had a better answer. Because it’s not easy to do. But what I’ve come to find is that there are things you can do to alleviate the blues and get you in good spirits.

Surviving The Winter Blues

Natural Ways To Beat The Winter Blues And Seasonal Depression


If you’re going to spend a lot of time staying in, might as well be practical with your time. Meditation is a great outlet for alleviating depression and setting your mind in the right place. I use an app titled Calm to guide me. Headspace is another great option.


Drinking Orange Juice

The best mood enhancer that has helped me when I felt down on a cold winter morning is orange juice. Not coffee, not hot cocoa but this amazing fruit! Oranges and more commonly the peels and essentials oils have been quite effective when inhaled to enhance the mood. Naturally, this bright and sunshine reminding drink is a great beverage for starting off your day.


Take A Walk

As much as you may hate the idea, just a quick walk around the block can actually help. I personally like to take this walk with someone else during the winter. An additional person will obviously allow me to have a conversation during the walk so I’m less focused on how cold it is. The purpose of the walk is not just for fresh air but to get some natural daylight and Vitamin D so it’s best to do this on days that the sun is out.


Take Supplements

Natural Vegan Supplements To Help You Fee Good

If you’re not getting enough vitamins and nutrients, consider taking supplements. I like to take the Juice Plus Fruits and Vegetables Capsules because it helps bridge the gap when I don’t eat enough fruits and veggies in the day. These supplements not only help me feel good, but serves as a great reminder that I’m prioritizing my self care. And who wouldn’t feel good about that. Can I also add that they are vegan?!!


Essential Oils

Simpy Earth Essential Oils To Help With The Winter Blues

If you’re not using essential oils, I highly suggest you hop on the train. They are a game changer! I don’t even remember a life without essential oils because of how often I use them. Essential Oils are good for many things but what first attracted me to them was learning about its benefits for anxiety and depression. And they have honestly been the best natural remedies for that. If you are going to purchase essential oils, be aware that not all of them are good. It’s real important to note that because it makes a difference of how effective it will be. I personally love Simply Earth oils because they’re affordable, 100% pure therapeutic grade oils and not to mention they also donate 13% of their profits to help fight human trafficking. How amazing is that?!

Use code: ASHDERENFREE to receive a free $20 digital gift card when you sign up for Simply Earth’s subscription box. You also get to receive a FREE bonus box with lots of goodies to make your home more natural.

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Green Roads CBD Oil. Best natural remedy to help with seasonal depression

Another amazing natural oil worth mentioning is CBD! I originally purchased it to help with my back pain after hearing about its wonderful properties. I ended up getting hooked because not only is it great for back pain but is also an awesome natural alternative if you’re wanting to be in a better state of mind. Just like essential oils, you should really be mindful of the quality of CBD oils you purchase. I absolutely recommend checking out Green Roads as it is one of the leading brands of quality CBD. And if you’re wondering, no, it doesn’t get you high!


Bring Spring Into Your Home

Spring is one of my favorite season so it helps to have a small reminder of it with me through winter. How do you do that? With flowers and decors of course! It doesn’t have to be fancy but just buying a bouquet to add in your room with a few Spring or Easter decors is sure to be a great reminder that the season will be here soon.

Winter can sometimes feel miserable and I’ll be the first one to admit that I often wish to fast forward through it. This is when I have to remind myself that there are many things to get excited over for this season. Like that first snowfall, and how nature seems to be so peaceful and slow. Winter is just nature’s reminder that not everything blooms all year and if we don’t, that’s okay too.

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Natural Ways To Get Through The Winter Blues And Seasonal Depression

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