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Talent Concept

Talent Concept


10 Years' Exploration and Practice. COMAC fully understands and grasps the distinct features of scarcity of human resources, competitiveness, globalization and innovativeness in the commercial aircraft industry; insists on the principles of independent innovation and open cooperation, and the strategies of strengthening enterprise by talents and driving development by talents; and establishes the talent concept of "accepting talents from all lands to work together for a great cause of civil aircraft and achieve a wonderful life" and the talent idea of "developing programs via talents and cultivating talents via programs".

Focusing on Reality. With respect to leadership building and cadre allocation, COMAC conducts extensive investigation on cadre contingent building, and makes good use of the "two navigators". COMAC insists on correct personnel selection and employment guidelines; establishes a cadre work system for training professional skills, improving the ability to perceive things and people, selecting and appointing personnel, carrying out strict management and providing positive incentives; and makes good use of cadre standards to evaluate cadres and inspect cadres from all aspects and multiple angles. COMAC constructs a "pool" to increase the total number of COMAC employees from more than 3,800 when the company is established to more than 11,000 now; builds a "forge shop" to put the talents on the model frontline and the client side for tempering and accurate docking; designates the talents to posts with tough conditions and great challenges to make them grow rapidly; makes good use of the "race track" to encourage young cadres to communicate with each other in the company system and promote project organization adjustment; builds a "special region for talents" to encourage the cadre and talent teams to take on new responsibilities and make new achievements in the new era; builds "multiple channels" to open up the career development channels such as management, technology, project and skill channels, so that all kinds of talents can see the development path.

Focusing on Elite. With respect to team construction and talents gathering, COMAC works out a scheme of "ten-thousand elite project", and builds "4+2" core talent teams respectively concerning management, program, technology and skill plus urgently needed and overseas talents for the trunk liner. COMAC carries out talent competitiveness evaluation to introduce talents without geographical limitations, cultivate talents without selfish motives, and make full use of talents without overstressing qualifications; taps the potential of domestic talent market; attracts talents from 12 countries and regions on four continents; and accumulatively introduces 158 high-level overseas talents. COMAC holds the International Science Technology and Innovation Week to gather the world wisdom to build a life community of civil aviation product innovation.

Focusing on Innovation. With respect to mechanism construction and reform promotion, COMAC emancipates the mind to have the courage to innovate, optimizes the mechanism to encourage innovation, benchmarks against top-ranking level to accelerate innovation, solves problems to explore innovation, and resolves bottlenecks in the system and mechanism to stimulate development vitality. COMAC centers on the three driving points, i.e. post motivation, material motivation and spiritual motivation, and takes a combination of means ("1311") for attracting talent, stabilizing team and stimulating vitality to make the struggle filled with joy, make the long run filled with glory, make the future filled with hope, and build a community for trunk liner career with shared benefits, shared achievements and shared glory based on the common ideal.

Focusing on Ability. With respect to culture construction and brand building, COMAC strengthens the endogenous dynamics. COMAC formulates COMAC Code of Conduct, and starts the publication of Wisdom Convergence in COMAC as a communication platform to build a learning base for deepening reform and making innovation in development. COMAC starts source cultivation, tracking cultivation and whole-course cultivation, promotes the construction of training system, establishes the training center, prepares to establish a COMAC university, and preliminarily builds a course system which takes COMAC leadership, professional strength based on post demand, and growth power with civil aircraft characteristics as the cores. COMAC develops the cadre rotation training of "Five Excellences", comprehensively promotes Party discipline strengthening, realistically resolves the outstanding problems in the contingent of cadres, takes strong measures and makes effective moves to strengthen the political awareness, strengthen the confidence in development, strengthen the ability to overcome difficulties, promote the breakthroughs in aircraft programs, and build a die-hard core team which is unbeatable and unbreakable, advances despite difficulties, faces the difficulties, and is loyal to the trunk liner career.

COMAC is defined by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee as one of the first batch of "Innovation and Pioneering Bases for Overseas High-Level Talents" and a "Contact Point for National Talents", awarded with the honorary title of "National Advanced Employment Enterprise" by the State Council, designated by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs as the first national "Demonstration Unit for Introducing Foreign Intelligence", designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a "Demonstration Base for Cultivating Innovative Talents", defined by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council as a key liaison enterprise for innovation in system and mechanism of talent base and one of the first batch of "SASAC Central SOE Innovation Bases on International Cooperation and Talent Introduction", and approved to be a National-Level Further Education Base for Professional and Technical Talents, a National-Level Training Base for Highly Skilled Talents, and a National Excellent Post-Doctoral Research Center. One group and two individuals of COMAC are respectively awarded with the honorary titles of Shanghai Advanced Group and Advanced Workers in Veteran Cadre Work.

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