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Training & Development

Since the establishment, COMAC has attached great importance to the education and training, and firmly established the talents philosophy of "developing programs via talents and cultivating talents via programs" in accordance with its development outline and talent team construction plan. COMAC persists in the cultivation idea of "being realistic, people oriented, individualized teaching, and studying to meet practical needs", and endeavors to integrate educational training with the development of aircraft models, the management promotion of COMAC and the career development of the staff to accelerate the cultivation of a technological and managerial talent team which has proper echelon and first-class technology and conforms to the development regularity of commercial aircraft industry.

  COMAC dedicates to accelerating the construction of educational training system and mechanism, has established the training center as well as the technique and skill sub-centers of the company, basically forms a training management and implementation system, sets up and improves an educational training system that covers all the staff, formulates a series of supporting rules and regulations, and promotes the scientization, standardization and institutionalization of educational training. At present, COMAC has basically established a training course system, a teaching system and a teaching material system with COMAC characteristics.   In order to accelerate the construction of a commercial aircraft technology innovation system, COMAC adopts the market-oriented policies, and actively expands the university-industry cooperation mode which integrates production, teaching, researching and utilization together. COMAC strengthens the cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, and has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 12 Chinese universities and established long-term talent joint cultivation mechanism with 16 international well-known colleges, institutes and suppliers in 8 countries including the United States and France, so as to offer both curricula education and middle/short-term special training courses. Since the establishment, COMAC has accumulatively selected and dispatched 182 technological backbones to study overseas as visiting scholars, and 483 technological and managerial backbones to go abroad and participate in various kinds of training.   COMAC is constantly working on improving the quality and actual effect of the educational training program, and creating an educational training brand with COMAC characteristics from the global perspective. The company has developed a series of training programs such as Five Excellences, Five Matchmakings, COMAC Star, Newly Assigned Cadres, Global Civil Aviation Talent, System Engineering, and Project Management, unceasingly perfects training course design, improves teaching quality management, and enhances the pertinence and validity of educational training, forming certain influences.   COMAC has always planned educational training programs in accordance with the company's development strategy and the actual demands of model development, and accomplished the top-level design, scientific investigation, overall planning, careful layout and on-demand implementation of educational training. COMAC persists in the principle that the educational training serves the company development, model development, and cadres and workers, which forcefully enhances the professional quality and vocational level of the talent team and provides solid talent guarantee and intellectual support for the development of the Chinese commercial aircraft industry.
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