3 Calming Items You MUST Have If You Have Anxiety

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I usually don’t boast about products on this blog because for one, I’m a pretty thrifty person so I don’t shop often unless it’s food or something I believe would be beneficial. Two, I’m also really selective and find it hard to come across things that I love wholeheartedly. Therefore, I wouldn’t do a review on something that didn’t truly satisfy me.

I suffer from anxiety and am very much into holistic wellness. That is finding treatments that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit. I have 3 products that I absolutely enjoy and use throughout the day for my anxiety. They are three variations of Essential Oils which I am going to explain and get into the details below.

Can Essential Oils really help with anxiety?

Although I’ve been using essential oils for quite some time, I’ve never exactly mentioned which brand I was using because while the oils did work, it wasn’t necessarily impressive. Because of this, I started looking for essential oils brands that would be of therapeutic grades.

If you’re new to essential oils and wondering why I would be looking for a purer grade, it’s because I’ve come to learn that not all essential oils are good. Many of the brands sold at supermarkets and pharmacies are only good for smell. It’s a fragrance which fulfills the purpose of aromatherapy. That of course led me to look for a brand with purity that could actually help me. Something that could treat a cold, headaches, back pain, insomnia, lessen my anxiety, elevate my mood, or even an essential oil that could be used as a cleaning solution.


If you're looking for natural ways to deal with anxiety, there are 3 items you MUST Have

The Bad News about leading Essential Oil Companies

As I previously mentioned, I’m a thrifty person and when I started looking for better essential oils, I noticed that many of the brands that had what I was looking for were super expensive. I mean.. what frugal person wouldn’t think twice about dishing out 30$ for one tiny bottle? Not everyone has this privilege.

I’m well aware that quality beats quantity. I’m a big believer in that. But, I’m also fully conscious of how these multi level marketing (MLM) companies tend to capitalize off their oh so wonderful product. They get you to sign up for their subscription box and forget to mention that you can’t cancel it whenever you want. They also don’t mention that you must keep making a certain amount of purchases if you even wanted to make a little income from them. It’s a pyramid scheme and I didn’t want to buy or support a brand of that nature.

If I’m going to mention a product on my blog, it’s because I found it beneficial, and believe it will be for others. Not because I want to recruit more people to get it. This is how I was led to look for a much smaller and independent brand. And in that quest, I ended up coming across Simply Earth.

I heard about Simply Earth through Instagram. Simply Earth sells essential oils that are tested pure with no additive or fillers. Their essential oils are highly affordable. They give 13% of their profits to organizations that are helping end human trafficking. You can sign up for a monthly or quarterly subscription box and cancel at ANYTIME.

All of this sparked my interest but what I liked the most was how truthful their brand ambassadors were. They provided comparisons of Simply Earth against their leading competitors. They were not pushy about trying their oils.

A common thing that I see among these MLM brand ambassadors is that they swear by the brand alone and nothing else is better which is why you must buy their products. I won’t doubt that their essential oils are great but these sort of tactics don’t appeal to me. Do you want me to buy the product because it’s great? Or because you want to recruit as many people as possible?

The folks at Simply Earth were not like that. I followed their Instagram for a few weeks just to get a feel of their marketing. I also checked out bloggers who supported them and found what we had in common. We all just wanted affordable products that were pure, undiluted, therapeutic, and actually worked.

Another thing that also stood out to me was how wonderful their customer service was! To me, customer service is SUPER important. I don’t care how great a company’s products are, if their customer service is terrible, I will stop buying from them. But Simply Earth was on another level.

When I had made my first purchase on their site, I did it as a guest instead of making an account. It was just a quicker process and at the time, I couldn’t be bothered. Being a new customer, I was unaware that in order to track my order, I needed to have an account. When I informed them off this issue, it took their email team less than 5 minutes to get back to me with a tracking number. I was impressed and knew I would be hooked by them from then on.

Now you’re probably wondering:

What exactly are these oils I must have if I have anxiety?

I have anxiety so this was the key reason why I decided to purchase oils in the first place. Some essential oils blends can also help with chronic pain, and serve as natural cleaning solutions which I’m additionally looking into. But I personally have not tried these recipe blends so I won’t comment on them. What I will comment on is my experience in using essential oils for anxiety, insomnia and mood elevation. What has worked and what hasn’t.

The three essential oils blends that I think anyone with anxiety should be using are Lavender, Happy Joy, and Sleepy.

Natural Ways To Deal with Anxiety


Lavender has always been my favorite way before I started using Simply Earth. I’m obsessed with the smell and how earthy it is. I talked about Lavender in my post, 9 things I use to treat my anxiety naturally. Lavender can be used as a natural anti depressant and for insomnia. I use it for both with my diffuser. I’ve also heard of others diluting it in a spray bottle and spraying it into their pillows before bed.

Happy Joy

The first time I tried the Happy Joy blend was right before bed. While it did elevate my mood, I found it hard to fall asleep with. It has a citrusy smell that seems more ideal for waking up and smelling the lemons per say. It’s the perfect blend to use during the day.


Sleepy is a blend with a fruity smell that’s not too potent but just enough to make you more relaxed and ready for bed. I sleep like a baby with this one.

Simply Earth Subscription Box

If you decide to sign up for Simply Earth’s Subscription box, here are the benefits that come with it:

  • $150 value for only $39. This is 4 full size essential oils bottles for that price, that’s a huge saving!
  • Big Bonus Box and $20 gift card is included in addition to your subscription box. Use code: ASHDERENFREE
  • There is NO Membership Fee
  • You receive opportunity to make money
  • You can cancel subscription at ANYTIME!

I hope I’ve convinced you enough to check out this small brand. If you believe healthy living should be affordable and are interested in signing up for subscription:

* Use Code : ASHDERENFREE to receive the Big Bonus Box and 20$ gift card with your subscription. Or use code for a FREE Essential Oil Bottle on your first purchase!

Have you used Simply Earth before? If so what are your favorite blends? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed the article, kindly share or subscribe!

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